New Album!

Last night's concert is up for viewing anytime on Youtube - see link below 

Watch CD Release / FAI Showcase concerts here:     

First set Feb 22/21

2nd set Feb 25/21

Praise for the new album Learning to Listen:

“Wonderful indeed. This is one of the finest local recordings I have worked on—mastered in this case. I think it has serious merit both as music and poetry - simply as art.” Russell Dawkins, Airborne Recording. Russell has thirty-plus years experience working with Vancouver Island musicians including Djole (Juno winner), Ian McDougall, Gordon Clements, Louise Rose and Colin Tilney."

"Staggeringly beautiful!" Samantha Taylor, Vancouver vocalist.

“Evocative and rich but spare, simple and directly available … The songs flow into one another, not rushing but as a next idea, a conversation unfolding… I love the resonance of the piano. Every now and then (she) examines the pure sound of it for a moment before launching into a song or the next verse … I think this album is a gift particular to/in these times, the gift of attention ... It’s a meditation and reminder. Here we are. Where we always belong.” Patrice Haan, Healing Muses, Oakland CA  

 "I love the intimacy of the sound. When I close my eyes, I am sitting right next to her on the piano bench.” Marie Eaton, Bellingham WA

"Glorious!" Cosy Sheridan, songwriter.

“Intimacy, warmth and musicality, a wonderful recording. Right Here, Right Here particularly blows me away.” Rick Gibbs, Island Jazz, Vancouver Island BC 


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