Susan Ellenton is the real deal.” - Coco Love Alcorn

"Staggering beautiful!"

Susan's latest release Learning to Listen is a powerful body of work recorded live off the floor, with her beloved 1920's Mason and Risch baby grand. Russell Dawkins, Airborne Recording, says "This is one of the finest local recordings I have worked on - mastered in this case. I think it has serious merit both as music and poetry - simply as art." 

Known for her cinematic songs, compelling performances and her unique approach to  audience participation, Susan began performing in the early 1980's, touring festivals and coffeehouses from Alaska to Newfoundland. She's shared the stage with Joan Baez, won three songwriting contests and written two full-length musicals, one which toured Japan and the Smithsonian.  

Christine Lavin (New York) named Susan's previous album, Secret of My Happiness "one of the year's top ten albums under-the-radar." Written entirely without instruments or paper and pen, the songs chronicle Susan's journey with chronic pain. Her gradual return to the spotlight began in 2017 with a solo, scripted house-concert series, Sing for No Reason, telling the story behind a remarkable song. See the video below, and witness her gift for making music with her audience.

Ellenton's latest projects, Susan's Kitchen, and An Evening with Susan Ellenton, reveal the clarity of a long-time folk artist who knows her true purpose. As legendary folksinger Rosalie Sorrels use to say, how ever else you define it, a folk song is a song you can use in your life. Ellenton concocts magic made of true story-telling, quirky sing-alongs and heart-mending songs on looper and piano.

Her 'Yukon Women' song is a northern under-the-radar classic (see video footer); her secular spiritual 'Shine On' is sung by choirs all over the world. Oh yeah, and way back in 1980, she won the prestigious Madam Trapper award at Whitehorse Rendezvous.

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