Bring On the Rain!  A smoking new single about wildfire smoke, old-growth forest, and praying for rain. Video below.

From Susan's new album, Learning to Listen, which charted at #9 on the Folk Alliance International Radio charts January 2021. 

Lyrics for Bring On the Rain

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Bring On the Rain

Susan Ellenton

For Release: August 1, 2021 From the devastation of forest fires to the deep woods of the ancient rainforest and the ecstacy of longed-for rain, Bring On the Rain is a cinematic, personal story of the impact of forest fires. Susan says, “After weeks of being trapped indoors by billowing, caustic smoke, with the doors and windows taped shut, we remembered that our car had a good hepa filter. Driving west to stand among the last of the ancient trees on west Vancouver Island, to breath with the old ones, hemlock, cedar, hemlock, cedar,  brought home the truth of the saying: the forests are the lungs of the earth. It was a profound experience, and it changed me. 

What can I do to defend the old growth forests, the ancient trees? I can do what generations of folk singers before me have done, make the political personal - put it in a song. 

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